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Hebrew Minute: Israel

What are the Hebrews? Here's a fun etymological note. In the ancient Middle East, the group of people whom God redeemed from Egypt were know by the nations as the Hebrews.

The word for this in its original tongue is עברי (pronounced similarly to"evrie"). The root word of this term means "to cross over." עברי however, is not a verb, but a noun which has been used in the plural sense to refer to this people group. It can literally be rendered as "those people who cross over" or "the people who traverse (rivers)." The mighty works that God did for his people were known far and wide by the nations who God drove out to establish his inheritance (See Joshua 2:2-9 and Joshua 5:1). Israel was the original Marines!

If you have given your life fully to God, you are hidden away in Christ and you are a part of that inheritance. You are by His very nature an overcomer by what He does through you (See John 14:12).

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