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We are a non-denominational church whose first focus is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a passion for the Arts, the gifts of the Spirit, and learning to follow God's voice and heart. We would love to see you here to pursue God's heart together and build you up in your faith. 


The sermons are given by Pastor Theo. Theo gives thought provoking, engaging messages rooted in scripture. All messages point back to Jesus, with a take away in how to apply it to our Christian walk. 


 Here at Wooded Hills we have modern, spirit filled worship. You can expect singing, dancing, and raised hands. Our goal is to foster an environment where there is space to follow the Spirit of God. 


We have a casual, family-like environment. So wear what's comfortable, and join us as you are. After the service, we take time to have fellowship and food together. Our community is tight knit and would love to stand with you in your good times and bad.  

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